Forest School

We are opening our new Forest School in September 2019. Our Forest School base will be nestled at the back of the nursery in the paddock with incredible views of the Cherhill monument and fields as far as the eye can see. The area is young and with the help of the children, we will watch it grow into a beautiful space with trees, grasses and wildlife a plenty! The sessions will run from 9am-3pm and the group will operate separately from the main nursery and will be completely self-contained. setting to explore the natural world, with abundant flowers and herbs to smell and feel. Imagine how lovely it is to sit and watch the honey bees busily buzzing from flower to flower.

What is Forest School

Forest School is an all year round outdoor, nature based learning experience that focuses on the holistic development of the child. In Forest school all children are given the opportunity to access and experience activities where they will learn new skills, challenge their own physical limits, be offered supervised risk taking activities and enjoy learning while working in the outside environment.  Children are encouraged to take the lead in their own learning, following their own interests and ideas. The Forest School leaders working with them will support and further their learning experiences. 

What do children do in Forest School?

Children will be introduced to a different range of skills and experiences to those they would normally be offered in traditional pre-schools and nurseries.